South African Hunting Safaris

Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa
What Our Guests Say
Christian and Vivi Jensen
Location: Denmark
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After having hunted with Ivy Safaris more than 10 times we can only give our best recommendations. Our main interest in walk and stalk really came through. The hunting days flowed on with a lot of exciting hunting experiences and with several successful hunts over a period of 10 years under the guidance of highly skilled PHs who also explain about the wildlife, birds and nature during the stalk. It is a thrilling hunt every day with several kilometres of walking and stalking, just like hunting is supposed to be.
The accommodation, the evenings around the fire under the fantastic heavens with millions of stars, the lovely dinners, the guides and all the staff were all outstanding, making us feel like a part of the family!
Ross Granger
Location: Ohio USA
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I just wanted to say thanks again for such a GREAT TIME! Everything was so exciting from day 1 when we arrived. The animal on the top of my list was a Waterbuck and while walking the very first day we came across 2 bulls fighting - something you only expect to see on TV. Every day had great suspense and experiences. The Eland stalking, crawling to get that close and then having them move off before getting a shot in - what a rush!

The trackers are so good they could make an incredible National Geographic Show! Amazing how they follow a spoor when there are so many animals walking around. They make tracking very interesting and they never want to quit!

The final day was also a memory of a lifetime! Still hoping to get a Waterbuck - never in my life had I imagined stalking an animal in my socks - no TV show ever shows that! Mark, you were so right - that is the best way to get close enough! It was so amazing to walk up within 60 yards and not be heard.

Mark's expertise of the animals is but a small part of his over all knowledge. He knows most of the birds, shrubs, grasses, trees etc. (some even taste bad). If you want the hunt of a lifetime, Ivy Safaris would be my choice and be ready to walk! He does a real hunt - you don't drive around in circles until you can get a shot. His knowledge of whiskey is also very extensive!

The evenings were very relaxing after a long day in the bush. An even better reason to come to Ivy Safaris is his wife Lisa's amazing recipes for wild game she prepares for each meal. I have never had every meal be so excellent. We ate the game we shot every night we were there. Even a couple of days we ate like kings in the bush. Yes, Lisa brought our meals out in the bush, set up tables, and fed us lunch!

Thanks again to you and your staff!! Everyone was a pleasure to be around and did an outstanding job! That was the quickest 10 day hunt of my life. My next safari with Ivy Safaris will not come soon enough! When you leave, you feel that you now have great friends in Africa!
Hans Schougaard
Location: Denmark
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Dear Lisa and Mark

Thank you for a wonderful week at Marula and Ivy Safaris Farms. It was wonderful to see your way of living in contact with nature, your staff and your clients and it was wonderful to see how close your family was together. I really felt that I was a friend and in that way important to you. A wonderful feeling. I already look forward to coming back to you.

Jens and I are already talking about a buffalo, maybe in Tanzania. The only thing I know is that I will never hunt in Africa if you are not my hunter. Mark you are fantastic and such a nice person, like your family, I feel safe in your hands.

We have started to speak about bringing our wives with us. I really want to give my wife Lis that experience, not only the hunting, but the nature, the birds, your family and staff.

There is only one thing that I am still angry at my myself about: that is that I didn't shoot a nyala. Of course it was very difficult, because the bush was so thick and we only had a few seconds from when you saw the animal until it disappeared. Many times when we saw an animal in that area it was gone before I raised my gun. We only had one chance every day. I will come back to shoot a Nyala, I just hope we will have a few more chances to shoot.

At last I wish you and your family a good trip to England and USA. And I think you really deserve that combination of holiday and work together with your little family.

My best wishes and thank you for the best time!
Gun writer Boston T. Party, ("Boston's Gun Bible" and "Safari Dreams" from USA
Location: Wyoming USA
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I greatly enjoyed my 10 days of hunting with Ivy Safaris in 2006! Mark is a very fine PH in the field, and competently led me to all the animals that I'd planned for. His extensive knowledge of game and fauna was most appreciated. My second African safari was grand fun, and my animals very nice specimens which I was quite proud to harvest (including a 52" kudu and 39" gemsbok).The wingshooting with his working dogs was a real bonus!

On the business side of things, Mark fulfilled completely his part of the deal, and there were no hidden charges or surprises at hunt's end. His friendly lodge staff were superb. Finally, the lovely Ivy family was a real treat to be with, and added hugely to my experience. Lisa is a marvelous cook and hostess, and her two girls were always fun and well-behaved.

In short, the safari with the Ivy's never felt forced or stale or routine--it was like hunting with fine new friends. I received great value for my time and money, was sad to leave, and look forward to returning next year for eland. If you enjoy good, honest hunting on foot (instead of Land Rover), then go with Ivy Safaris!