South African Hunting Safaris

Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa
Lisa's Cuisine

This is where Ivy Safaris will outshine the rest everytime! A very important aspect to any hunt for a hunter is to sample the meat that he or she has harvested during their hunt with Ivy Safaris. Now this is the time for Lisa to shine. Lisa, for more than 20 years, has been cooking up a storm for guests at Thaba Lodge and several other locations (whereever the hunt finds us). Lisa has become a world-renowned venison chef and has perfected the art of preparing and cooking African game meat. Everyone knows that game can be tough and dry if not cooked to perfection, well Lisa, with more than 2 decades of cooking such meat, has a delicious array of recipes and has made many a hunter to Africa dumbfounded by what can be done with venison. You will be sure to go home with many new ideas of  what is possible when you harvest your meat back home. Be it Buffalo or Guineafowl, Lisa will serve up scrumptous meals that will have you begging for more.

For those with a sweet tooth, Lisa and her kitchen team also bake the most delectable cookies and desserts. You will most definitely not be disappointed!

Seared Kudu Fillet with Avocado
Traditional Wildy Shin Potjie
Braised Guineafowl