South African Hunting Safaris

Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa
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Welcome to Ivy Safaris
We welcome you to become a part of our African dream! For us hunting is a way of life. We will get your feet dirty and let you really feel the thrill of a true African hunt!
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Plains Game Hunting
Enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of the African Bushveld.
Pointers at your feet, your trusty shotgun in hand and friends by your side.
Bow Hunting
Enjoy seeing that arrow fly through the air!
Countries Where We Hunt
SOUTH AFRICA is our home and our main hunting destination, but we have concessions in several other African countries for you to explore!
Africa First-Timer Package
US$ 5,750.00
7 Nights
4 Animals
* Minimum of 2 Hunters
Bushveld Trophy Package
US$ 8,950.00
10 Nights
6 Animals
* Minimum of 2 Hunters
Bushveld Management Package
US$ 4,500.00
7 Nights
5 Animals
* Minimum of 2 Hunters